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Gandamar – MBSPF 2012 School

Gandamar is a small village an hour from Mandalay where we built a school in 2012. The Minister of Education for the district officially opened it early in January 2013. The opening ceremony was, as always, elaborate with chanting monks, village officials, and our MBSPF representatives Maung Maung Gyi and John Stevens. All the children and teachers were in their best clothes and the whole village witnessed the happy event.  There was a band and speeches and an elaborate meal for the important visitors.

When we arrived two weeks later to visit, the school looked wonderful. The children were in class working hard, but the teachers sent them outside to stand in straight rows on the steps for a formal picture. Then Roger created mayhem by giving out some of the Frisbees he had brought over from Canada in his suitcase. They had been donated by Susan and Ian Chubb of Deep Cove. The children needed to be shown how to use them, so Roger gave a demo.

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