Completed Projects

 2019 Projects

MBSPF built seven new schools and two teachers’ cottages in 2019 in the villages of Than Nu Taw, Tha Phan Kone, Tee Pin Kin, Wet Choke Kone, Taung Poe Hla, Naung Kher Shey and Myin Twin. We also built a rural medical clinic in the village of Baw Kai.

Than Nu Taw: T

Tha Phan Kone: T

Wet Choke Kone: T

Taung Poe Hla: T

Naung Kher Shey: T

Myin Twin: T

Baw Kai: T

2018 Projects

MBSPF built seven new schools and three teachers’ cottages in 2018 in the villages of War Panpaloe, Htan Taw Oo, Ku Toe Sade, Own Don, Ye Twin Kaung, Nan Thum, Baw Nin Ywa Thit, and Taung Pe. We also built a rural medical clinic in the village of Su Pan Inn.

War Panpaloe: This is the second school that we have built in the very poor Loikaw area: a 30′ x 60′ primary school for 196 students.  We also renovated the existing school building.


Htan Taw Oo: An isolated village in the Mandalay area: we built a 30′ x 80′ middle school for 136 students.  We also renovated the existing old UNESCO school building. The villagers greeted us with an overwhelming celebration when we visited the new school.


Ku Toe Sade: We built a 30′ x 80′ primary school for 175 students to replace crowded, open-air, dirt-floor classrooms.


Own Don: We received a very warm welcome in this village where we built a 30′ x 60′ middle school for 126 students.


Nan Thum:  We built a 30′ x 60′ primary school named “Mandani School” for 65 students to replace bamboo, open-air, dirt-floor classrooms.


Baw Nin Ywa Thit: One of the villagers donated the land for the building and we built a 30′ x 120′ primary school for 250 students. We were greeted enthusiastically with beautiful celebrations when we visited the new school.


Taung Pe: We built a kindergarten for 20 students in this Kalaw village.


Su Pan Inn: This village, with 128 children under the age of four, formerly had a worn-out bamboo clinic building but we replaced it with a new 30′ x 30′ medical clinic.


 2017 Projects

MBSPF constructed seven new schools and four teachers’ cottages in 2017 in the villages of They Phyu Chaung, Ph Pha, Ye Twin Kaung, Mye Net, Patama Ywa, Wah Bo Yee, and U Min. We also built a rural medical clinic in the village of Myin Htaik.

They Phyu Chaung: Our first school for 2017, a 30′ x 90′ primary school for 120 students near Hse Min Gone.  We also built a new teachers’ cottage here for four teachers.


These fine new buildings replaced this old bamboo school and dilapidated teachers’ cottage:



Pu Pha: The first school we have ever built in the Loikaw area, it is a 30′ x 60′ primary for 102 students. We also built a 30′ x 20′ teachers’ cottage here.



Ye Twin Kaung:  A 30′ x 120′ middle school for 180 students in the Sagaing area.

Ye Twin Kaung villagers gave us a huge greeting and feast in gratitude.



Mye Net:  Also in the Sagaing area, this is a 30′ x 80′ primary school for 120 students.


Patama Ywa:  In the Kalaw area, this is a 30′ x 60′ middle school which grew from 77 students to 107 once it was built.

We were entertained in fine style when we arrived to inspect Patama Ywa:


Wah Bo Yee:  Also in Kalaw, this is a 30′ x 80′ primary school with 92 students. We also built a teachers’ cottage here.


U Min:  Our last school of the year in Kalaw, this is a 30’x 60′ primary with 121 students. We built a teachers’ cottage here also.


Myin Htaik:  This is the first MBSPF constructed  rural medical clinic.



2016 Projects

MBSPF constructed eight new schools in 2016 in the villages of Setoe, Sekalay, Nwar Chan Gyi Kone, Nwar Shar Yoe, Pwe Hla Shwe Gone, Kon Hla, Nyaung Gyo and Myay Char. We also built a new teachers’ cottage in Nwar Shar Yoe.

Setoe: Our first school for 2016, a 30′ x 80′ school for 150 students




Sekalay: This is a 30′ x 60′ school for 85 students

Nwar Chan Gyi Kone: a 30′ x 80′ school for 77 students

Nwar Shar Yoe: a 30′ x 120′ school for 150 students

Nwar Shar Yoe Teachers’ Cottage: a 20′ x 24′ dwelling with an exterior kitchen

Pwe Hla Shwe Gone: a 30 x 150′  school for 160 students

Kon Hla: a 30′ x 60′ school for 35 students

Nyaung Gyo: a 30′ x 40′ school for 70 students

Myay Char: a 30′ x 60′ school for 70 students

2015 Projects

MBSPF constructed seven new schools in 2015 in the villages of Ah Shae Ngwe Toe, Htan Sin Taw (2 Schools),  Nwar Chan Gyi Kone (plus a teachers’ cottage), Tan Ywar,  Kyi Gone and Pe Khin plus a new teachers’ cottage in Pin Mei.

Ah Shae Ngwe Toe: Our first school for 2015 was finished early in the spring thanks to our great crew and with the help of many volunteers from the village. A 140′ x 30′ primary school, it replaces the overcrowded bamboo buildings. The village of 2,900 has 365 children in grades k-8.


20150315_124850 (1) IMG_3357 Ah Shae Ngwe Toe 20150315_132642  

IMG_3302 IMG_3293

Htan Sin Taw #1: This village of 1,000 had a bamboo school building in rough shape and we built a new 30′ x 60′ primary school building. The villagers worked hard on the new building and supplied fans and lights.

IMG_3554  20160403_073030

20210408_070408  IMG_4560

IMG_20150806_105524  IMG_4555

Htan Sin Taw #1

Htan Sin Taw #2: While we were building Htan Sin Taw #1, a windstorm heavily damaged another, formerly useable, school building in the village. So we decided to replace it also, with a 40′ x 30′ new  building. Between these 2 new primary school buildings there are now 120 students and 6 teachers and all are happy.

20150427_183547  IMG_3276

IMG_20150806_105826-1  IMG_4491

Htan Sin Taw #2


Nwar Chan Gyi Kone: When we first visited this village we were greeted by the longest greeting line of villagers that we can remember. With 200 students in K-9 in overcrowded classrooms, the need was great. Also, the teachers were housed in a dismal shack. We built a new 30′ x 80′ primary school for grades 4, 5, 6 plus a new teachers’ cottage.

Nwar Chan Gyi Kone Old Teachers' Cottage IMG_3634  Nwar Chan Gyi Kone Interior 2014 IMG_3627

Nwar Chan Gyi Kone Girsl IMG_3628 IMG_0811

20150517_092814 IMG_3467

20150517_094716 IMG_3619

IMG_3487 Roger teaching kids with MMG IMG_6636 IMG_0181 (1)

Tan Ywar: This village had a large school compound with 2,300 students attending school here from 29 villages. The school buildings were woefully inadequate. We built an 80′ x 30′, four classroom building that holds 188 grade one students.

IMG_3569  IMG_3578

20150616_071941  20150818_111834

20150818_101435 IMG_3684

IMG_3702  IMG_3688

  IMG_3778 - Version 2

IMG_3687 - Version 2

Kyi Gone: This Kalaw area village had 2 old brick buildings and a bamboo hut for their 160 Pre-K to grade 6 students and needed a new building for grades 6,7 and 8. We built a new 90′ x 30′ school.

IMG_20150617_123110  IMG_20150617_123202

IMG_4357  Kyi Kone IMG_0658

IMG_0080 Kyi Kone Open Cerem

Pe Khin: This village of 1,025 had 134 students in grades 1-7 when we visited in late 2014. They needed a new primary school building and we built a 60′ x 30′ school as our last project of 2015.

IMG_3593  IMG_3605

20150604_080923 20151121_075808



Pin Mei: Teachers’ cottage in the Kalaw area village.

IMG_0201 Pin Mei Teacher Cott


2014 Projects

We constructed six new schools  in 2014 in Thein Kone, Subhyikin, Thit Yone, Chin Myint Kyin, Innya and Pyawetaung.  Click here to see the schools on the Slideshow of our 2014 Annual Trip to Myanmar.

Thein Kone: MBSPF replaced a terribly run-down building this spring with a 60′ x 40′ primary school in this rural village in the Mandalay area.

Thein Kone IMG_3778  Giving Uniforms IMG_3792

Subhyikyin: Early this year, MBSPF finished building a 30′ x 100′ 5-classroom primary school in this Mandalay area village.

IMG_0877 IMG_3809  Subpyarkyin Interior IMG_3815

Thit Yone: MBSPF completed construction in the late spring of this 120′ x 30′ middle school in this Mandalay area village.

IMG_0353  IMG_20140530_164109_1

Thit Yone Interior 2014 IMG_3756

Chin Myint Kyin: MBSPF completed construction in the summer of this 50′ x 30′ primary school in this Mandalay area village.

Chin Myint Kyin 2014 IMG_3664  Chin Myint Kyin Frisbee IMG_3723


Innya: MBSPF has put the finishing touches on a 120′ x 30′ middle school in a fertile valley in the Pyin Oo Lwin area.

Innya Innya Interior 2014 IMG_3493

Pyawetaung: MBSPF recently finished this 120′ x 30′ middle school, also in the Pyin Oo Lwin area.

IMG_3422  IMG_3426


Pyawetaung Toilets DSC02806

2013 Projects

We built two brand-new schools in 2013, Daw Hut Taw and Hta Naung Daing. Our third project of 2013 was a complete renovation of a third school, also in Daw Hut Taw.

Daw Hut Taw: A four classroom Junior High school, with ten toilets, this new school serves a village of 445 households and a district of 7 square miles.

Daw Hut Taw June-13 - Version 2

Hta Naung Daing:  A five classroom middle school with five toilets, this is one of the largest schools we have built to date.  The village is in Myingyan Township.  The school has seven existing buildings overall, some in very poor condition, housing 1,564 students. We will likely do other projects here.

Image 5

Daw Hut Taw renovation: An existing school building in Daw Hut Taw had badly deteriorated and we renovated it to make it more suitable for the children.


2012 Projects

We built three schools in 2012, Kan Kwaye, Gandamar and Yge Nge.

Kan Kwaye is a three classroom plus teacher’s room Middle School with four toilets.

.Kan Kwayejpg    Kan Kwaye, MMG:Roger Jan:13 jpg

Gandamar is a three classroom plus teacher’s room Primary School with four toilets. During our visit, we gave the children frisbees, carried over in our suitcases.

032 Untitled-2_2-1024x676  IMG_1451

Yge Nge is a three classroom plus community room Junior High  School for two Grade 8 classes and a Grade 9 class, with four new toilets.

034 IMG_1872_2-1024x768  Image 5