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Why build schools in Myanmar?

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Myanmar is one of the poorest countries in Southeast Asia. In the villages we visit, classrooms are over-crowded. Sanitation is dire. The buildings are in disrepair. And, like parents everywhere, the villagers want their children to be well educated.

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What we’ve done lately

Daw Hut Taw 2013

MBSPF constructed eight new schools in 2016 in the villages of Setoe, Sekalay, Nwar Chan Gyi Kone, Nwar Shar Yoe, Pwe Hla Shwe Gone, Kon Hla, Nyaung Gyo and Myay Char. Since 2012 we have built 28 schools and four teachers’ cottages. To date, we have provided school buildings for 3,000 children. We are building seven more schools, four teachers’ cottages and a rural health clinic in 2017.

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How you can help

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You can help this work by making a donation.  Your contribution will go directly toward the purchase of building materials and the wages of the workers in Myanmar and you will receive an official Canadian tax receipt.

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